Access Mastery Program for

Peaceful warriors

Ex-SAS trained bodyguard and unarmed combat specialist Access Mastery Program.

‘Objects for Scholars’ is the Application of Wisdom in Practice. The guided quick-path to seeing the Truth for yourself. The art of honing skills to the highest level through training enabling self / ego to be put aside in the intensity of concentrated action and awakening through the senses.  

– Tony Schulz

Real Success Is

Matrix Crowd vision
Freedom through Truth

Through learning and applying Truth in action, without ego you will experience the Freedom of seeing in a deeper way. You will be enabled to spot the enemy in your Path.

African Adventure
Adventure in Action

Worldwide courses and venues with highly skilled experts help you put yourself aside by necessity and help support local communities.


When the True enemy closes in, regardless of training, you will need special assistance in order to survive. Learn to walk the Razor's Edge; a New Path avoiding the pitfalls and traps of the enemy.

Learning Fearlessness

Align with the actual Truth. Gain insight beyond what appears on the facade, and with honed senses, quicken your abilities.

Tony Schulz

Introducing his Book

The biggest obstacle to life by the Spirit, is adhering to the ego. Isaiah 53:6 (NIV) ‘We all, like sheep, have gone astray, each of us has turned to our own way’. Ego is the opposite of the Wisdom of seeing the Truth beyond self. We become blind and separated from one-another and blind to Ultimate God-Truth.

– Tony Schulz


Overcome your learnt limits – Fracture the illusion.

True Wisdom does not come by study alone but by application. 

These Special Courses are not only fantastic fun for experienced Warriors where we focus on the MOMENT OF TRUTH, but are also proven to help people identify & overcome hidden challenges within the less trained. These are vital for both groups in order to move on to more advanced levels.

In all challenges, we come away much the wiser.

Many times we have seen pride and ego lead to failure at best and close shaves with death at worst.

We experience the bliss of self-less concentration that comes alive in the vital moments of Truth in Action.

It is the Spirit that comes alive in us.

Our Spirit comes alive as we put our self aside by necessity as we face our limits of body and mind in that vital survival mode.

Learn to race a Racing Car at Silverstone
Learn to put yourself aside so you can come alive through focus in every vital moment behind the wheel of a Racing Car as you hone your skills at Silverstone
Despite what you might have seen on TV there’s no shouting orders in the real SAS even during Selection. These are self-motivated thinking men. Experience SAS Training from Ex-SAS Instructors in unarmed combat and Close Protection. Vastly expand your range of experience and skills in the most professional and supportive environment. Overcome your mental limits
Master a Helicopter
Explore the parameters of your body and mind's cognitive senses in this vital experience and feel the bliss of focus required to overcome the wildest helicopter; the Robinson R22. Fly this and you're set to fly anything. Learn from a World-Record-holder instructor
Learn to Skydive
Experience the exhilaration & humility of freefall as you become just another air molecule and one with the vast blue open skies as you learn to Skydive. Experience Accelerated Freefall from 11,000 feet after a full day of professional preparation training. Skydiving holidays in Africa.

Explore The World

There are so many people out there in darkness who will face total loss. Are you called to deliver, to heal to give the salvation of the Kingdom of faith in Christ? People will be enriched just to see your face. Make a difference. Help yourself by reaching out to the lost.